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The Process
The Process

The Process
Step 1. Evaluate
Step 2. Design
Step 3. Implement

With over 45 years of experience, we understand that business owner's don't have time to waste. That is why we work closely and quickly with you to determine key strategies to effectively represent your business, your products and your services on the internet. We develop the right balance between design and function that will enhance your business without increasing your workload. Whether you are selling products or services or both, we know your website must work efficiently and satisfy your business objectives.


Once we have evaluated your website needs, we design a plan to implement your new website. The design, including colors and the look and feel, is based taylored to compliment your existing business. We strive to develop a design that expresses your company in a professional manner. That is why all our websites are custom designed to custom fit each business.


Once the evaluation is complete, and design stage is finalized, we implement the plan by creating your website with careful attention to detail. Designer Clicks uses advanced web programming languages, design tools, and standard principles of user interface design. We do not use the common FrontPage approach, which often involves using cookie-cutter design elements and imprecise graphics. We create each website with a custom features, tools and handcrafted design that meet your specific needs.